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Material girl shares the love

Madonna @2x

When it comes to the world of pop, there aren’t too many names bigger than Madonna.

And when she isn’t changing the face of music, she is changing the world.

Established by Madonna back in 2006, The Raising Malawi charity is committed to improving children’s lives in Malawi, Africa.

Now in 2017, after years of hard work and support from donors around the world, Raising Malawi has announced that the Mercy James Centre for Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care will officially open its doors on July 11.

In order to celebrate this historic event, Madonna wants you to wear and share your love. You can now go online and buy a Raising Malawi T-shirt, share the event page on Facebook, and take it one step further by donating to the charity itself.

I Am Raising Malawi T-Shirt @2x

In a first for the country, Malawi will now have a paediatric surgery and intensive unit. So let’s take the next step by providing the hospital with the means to save lives and provide care for the children growing up in this region of the world.  Chris Prindiville


To make a donation to ‘Raising Malawi’ visit www.raisingmalawi.org.

T-Shirts can be purchased here www.madonna.fanfire.com.

To join the event visit the Mercy James Centre Opening page on Facebook.

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