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New Jersey Governor Urges Trump To Support Online Gaming

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Chris Christie, the Governor of New Jersey has signed a bill that urges President Trump and Congress to oppose legislation that would prevent online gaming being regulated by the state. This is something that New Jersey has been doing for almost five years.

The joint resolution was first introduced earlier in the year by Vincent Mazzeo, the State Representative. It asks President Trump to look at how online gaming has helped Atlantic City to recover in recent years. Preventing online gaming in the state could halt this recovery and this is something that New Jersey obviously wants to avoid.

Online gaming has had a large role to play in the gambling revenue that has been received by the state in recent years. The state’s premier gambling destination, Atlantic City, did go through a period of decline but this trend seems to be reversing now and online gaming has had a hand in this.

Online gaming has brought the chance to play at a casino to millions of people all over the world. Looking at New Zealand gambling history, for example, shows that the number of people that have played a casino game has risen considerably since it has been more accessible online. In the case of Atlantic City, visitors to the area are more likely to head to the casinos because it is something that they are now familiar with.

New Jersey is concerned at the possibility of the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) coming into effect. In 2011 the US Department of Justice ruled that New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware were able to legalize online gambling in their states. This is something that all three states took up immediately.

Since then a number of other states have also expressed an interest in creating a regulated market for internet gambling, including California, New York, and Washington. However, if the RAWA does come into force then they will be prevented from doing so as all forms of online gambling would be outlawed. The states that already have a regulated market would be expected to cease this practice immediately.

The RAWA was introduced in the 114th Congress but there is still a chance to overturn it if it is not pursued by the 115th Congress. The purpose of the bill that has been signed by Chris Christie is to try and urge President Trump and his administration to not pursue the RAWA. There have not yet been any indications by the president what his thoughts are regarding this. This session of Congress is due to run until January 2019 and so there is still plenty of time for the issue to be discussed.

RAWA would make it illegal to send any bet or wager via wire communication which would put an end to the practice of online gambling. This would have a number of repercussions for New Jersey. As well as increasing the revenue that the state receives, online gaming has also led to the creation of a number of jobs and these would be under threat if RAWA came into force.

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