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Rihanna changes it up (again and again and again…)

M-34_VDF-23798_rv2 med-res.JPG

Director Luc Besson is never one to create a cinematic scene without having his stars, well, create a scene of their own… His latest sci-fi epic, Valerian, may have failed to excite audiences Stateside, but there’s one particular bit in the movie that has audiences talking around the world.

In a cameo for the ages, pop megastar Rihanna shapeshifts her way through a dance routine like no other. Taking on a number of different guises, Rihanna cycles through a quickfire succession of fashion looks, from Cleopatra to 1920s flapper to Britney Spears-style school girl to S&M dominatrix.

With some serious moves of her own, the singer/dancer/model/actress holds your attention and then some. Who wouldn’t be impressed?

As if you need more proof that Rihanna is one of the biggest stars on the planet, she goes ahead and blows our minds yet again.

In a film lacking in rhyme and reason for the most part, ironically it is RiRi’s shape-shifting scene that seems the most consistent to watch.  Chris Prindiville


‘Valerian’ opens August 10 across Australia.

Check out a sample of Rihanna’s shape-shifting montage above. 

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