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With international travellers always on the look-out for new and exciting places to explore, Cuba has become the ultimate before-you-die destination.

Isolated from the rest of the world for more than 50 years, this vibrant and exotic land is finally ready for its close-up.

Now, thanks to photographer Kim Buddee’s brightly bound coffee table book, Cars in Cuba You Should See Before They Die (geddit?), you can enjoy a preview of what wonders await you on your travels.

1955 Chevrolet in Vinales.

1955 Chevrolet in Vinales.

For Buddee, true wonder comes in the form of the humble (and sometimes showy) motor car. Reflecting the island’s dramatic heritage and decades of isolation, the automobile in Cuba has become far more than just a means of transportation, it has become a way of life.

From outlandish to majestic, Cuba’s cars are something to behold. In this ‘Jurassic Park’ of motor vehicles, history is quite literally all around you.

1951 Pontiac.

1951 Pontiac.

From classic Pontiacs to cute-as-a-button Polskis, no-top Oldsmobiles to sharp-looking Chevrolets, this tome has everything from the classic to the postmodern covered. As well as full spreads of these vehicles in all their road-worthy glory, there are detailed photographs of elaborate body parts, from front grills to tail-lights, corrugated striping to perfectly polished badges.

Cars in Cuba captures the glory of these kings of the road in a way that will have you scrambling for your passport and ready to see these chrome-covered beauties for yourself. Motorhead or otherwise.


1955 Oldsmobile outside Bar Floridita.

1955 Oldsmobile outside Bar Floridita.

And it must be said, while Buddee’s usual job is as a television production designer, known for his backdrop work on Celebrity Apprentice and Ninja Warrior, the guy is a dab hand with a trusty camera.  Chris Prindiville


‘Cars in Cuba You Should See Before They Die’ is available in hardback through New Holland Publishers, available in good bookstores, physical and online, RRP $45. 

Polski Fiat.

Polski Fiat.

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