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Canon @2x

When it comes to getting things picture perfect, few do it better than Canon.

In keeping with this mission, Canon Australia has announced the next iteration of its ‘Show Us What’s Possible’ initiative, through photographer Vaughan Brookfield’s striking photography series, The Nameless Project.

Featuring Vaughn’s stunning projections of images onto Tasman Glacier, the project seeks to create awareness of man’s impact on the planet, evidenced by the drastically vanishing ice sheet.

Throughout 2017, Canon will be supporting a series of personal projects with funding, equipment, technical support and promotion, as selected by some of the most respected and esteemed members of Australia’s professional imaging community: Simon Harsent, Katie Milwright, Chris Searl, Petrina Hicks and Georges Antoni.

So, if you’re a professional photographer, cinematographer, creative or artist, and have a personal project you’ve dreamt about bringing to life, now could be the time to make it happen.  Chris Prindiville


Round 3 submissions for the ‘Show Us What’s Possible’ initiative are now open.

Deadline is Sunday 15 October, 2017.

For entry information visit the Canon Australia site.

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