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In this food-obsessed age we live in, more and more people are going online to satisfy their hunger cravings.

In a trend that is sure to shock committed home cooks, the proportion of Australians ordering take-away food has surged, rising from 36% to 47% among those who made internet purchases last year.

With ordering a meal as easy as a few clicks on a smartphone and app, the humble kitchen is beginning to look old hat.

And it’s not just our eating habits that have been affected by the digital revolution. Like the food-ordering services, entertainment has well and truly moved online. Over six in ten Australians now have some type of paid service (Netflix being the most popular at 48%, followed by Foxtel at 16%) with that number rising to 77% for Netflix alone among the under 30s demographic.

According to the 2017 Sensis study, when it comes to buying online, it’s women who lead the way, with 60% making internet purchases versus 51% of men, though it is interesting to note men leading when it comes to buying home entertainment products. Women, on the other hand, are twice as likely to order cosmetics and also lead in purchasing clothing, shoes, and doing the grocery shopping. (See comparison of items, below).

There is some hope, however, for the brick-and-mortar retailers, with the study finding that more than three times as many people still prefer shopping in a physical outlet as opposed to an online store (60% vs 17%). The preference for a shopfront experience is even stronger among females than males (65% vs 54%).

What the study does highlight quite clearly is that consumers are selective when it comes to what they buy online. And for most of us, the internet is where we go when it’s time for a movie and a meal.

Netflix and grill, anyone?  Chris Prindiville


Items booked or purchased online Men vs Women:

Product                            Men                            Women

DVDs or games 33% 26%
Electronic equipment 41% 22%
Music 44% 39%
Clothing, accessories or shoes 49% 63%
Cosmetics 11% 31%
Groceries 15% 25%


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