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Holding out for a hero (or four)

DC on Fox

For those suffering superhero withdrawals, FOX8 has the perfect cure. Starting in October, all of your favourite caped crusaders will be back on the small screen, express from the U.S.

And if this isn’t exciting enough, the newest season of Gotham, DC’s smash-hit television franchise, will be making its home on Foxtel, where viewers will get the chance to see Gotham City’s most malevolent villains – including The Penguin, The Riddler, and the future Catwoman – in action against the forces of good.

Supergirl @2x

Gotham will join FOX8 regulars SupergirlThe FlashDC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow to complete this ultimate programming line-up. By the way, Gotham fans, you can read the Cream interview with actor Chris Chalk (who plays Lucius Fox) here.


Come October, Monday through to Friday is truly adventure time.  Chris Prindiville


FOX8’s superhero line-up (season premiere dates):

  • Gotham – Monday, October 9 at 8.30pm (AEST)
  • Supergirl – Tuesday, October 10 at 8.30pm (AEST)
  • The Flash – Wednesday, October 11 at 8.30pm (AEST)
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – Thursday, October 12 at 8.30pm (AEST)
  • Arrow – Friday, October 13 at 8.30pm (AEST)

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