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All You Need To Know About Owning A Handmade Damascus Knife

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Are you a knife enthusiast?

Are you a designer knife collector?

There was a time when swords were collected to showcase the love for sharp blades, but now is the time of designer knives. It is very expensive to own a handmade designer knife, but it surely is worth it.

Damascus steel is one of the purest forms of steel which is used to make swords in old times, but is in high demand by knife smiths nowadays. Knives made with damascus steel are one of a kind because of their sharpness, mold and quality.


The Depths of Knife Selection

The following are some of the things you should check before ordering a handmade damascus knives for yourself:


  • Tang

It is the part of the blade that extends down to the handle of the knife. Always check that the tang should go full length down the handle to ensure strength and stability. If the tang is not proper, then the knife might break off. If the tang is not properly made, then the knife might stay unstable and break off, even when used on a soft target.


  • Handle

The handle is supposed to be your personal choice. Its length, thickness, quality and material, all depends on your personal choice and comfort. A hollow handle means that it is not a full tang, so keep that in mind. It’s design depends on the shape of the knife. Choose the material with care and showcase class.


  • Blade Metal

The metal of the blade depends on it’s use, but always prefer damascus steel over other stainless or carbon because it not only showcases high quality, but also strength and class. It is one of the purest form of steel and was used to make swords in the 16th century. It does not lose edge fast or gets rusted, so it can be more than a collector knife.


  • Blade Length & Thickness

Size does matter. Period!

A smaller knife is easier to carry but is surely not a handy knife in case of emergencies. It also does not look that thrilling to have a pocket knife rather than a huge piece. A true collector understands that the size & thickness of the blade matters more than anything else. You should keep in mind where you wish to place it or its use to finalize on the size & thickness of the metal blade. Ideally the thickness shall be 1/4th of an inch to not just express extreme sharpness, but also ensure strength and stability in its use.


  • Blade Design

Blade designs can be anything; from serrated to a straight blade (tanto or drop point or clip point). It can be your personal choice or depending on its usage. Straight blades are good for chopping wood, serrated are good for slicing up, drop point is good for hunting, clip point has amazing control while tanto is good with its edges. Depending on the collector, the design of the blade is fixed. He can also put a lanyard hole in the blade to have a place to fasten paracords. The collector might wish to have a personal design made to own his dream damascus knife.


  • Sheath

It is the most overlooked aspect of a knife, the cover. You obviously cannot carry a knife without a cover. Designer knives have even more designer sheaths to show off more of its high quality. It showcases beauty and the level of madness that the collector has for his knives.


Collect The Best There Is

Not all knives are attractive and strong, but your knife should be. Always go for knives which has a sharp edge and which defines danger and thrill, when looked at. Always choose a trusted knife smith, who understands all types of knives to ensure strength & high quality in everything that he makes.


Sometimes the designs that you offer to him might not be appropriate for a knife due to its stability and comfort, the knife smith should have an understanding of such implications and should aware you for the same. A beautiful knife is not the one which just looks good, but also is sharp enough to cut through everything.

Decision to own a handmade knife is wise but having an experienced knife smith is wiser!

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