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Beauty is in the hands of the beholder (especially when it comes to these gorgeous antiques)


Who doesn’t love a good antiques auction? Well, instead of just ogling your TV set whenever Antiques Roadshow comes on, you ought to be stepping out and discovering auctions happening in your own (proverbial) backyard.

If you’re in Perth and on the hunt for something classical but affordable, you’re in luck! Perth’s antique royalty, Lauder and Howard, has closed its doors and a wide array of its exquisite collection will be auctioned by renowned auctioneers,

The event will take place on Tuesday 21st November at McKenzies, 8 Stirling Road in Claremont, and marks the end of an era for L&H, and a beginning of a new one as they move to Tasmania – which, by the way, is carving a fine reputation as the home of Australia’s finest antiques.

But back to the western seaboard, step into this antiques roadshow and you’ll discover some unique and astoundingly gorgeous pieces, like the ‘The Huntsman‘ oil painting on repoussée copper, dated 1899 by J Georges (pictured top of story). A snip at somewhere between $17,000 and $22,000, non?


Then there’s the stunning conversation starter Louis XVth-style painted armoire, signed ‘J Godon 1883’ (above) set to fetch between $18,000 and $24,000.

While these reserves may be high for some punters in the current economic climate, they’re actually very low, considering each item’s immense historical and cultural value.

So get thee to the savings account quick-smart, and good luck with the bidding!  Michael Mastess


The full catalogue can be viewed at www.mckenziesauctioneers.com.au.

Viewing commences three days prior to the auction on site: McKenzies at 8 Stirling Road, Claremont.

Telephone or absentee bids can be arranged by contacting McKenzies Auctioneers on (08) 9385 4180.

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