Carey / Packer Insanity


Mariah Carey has reportedly received a multimillion dollar settlement from ex-fiancé James Packer because, according to the diva, their parting ways had “inconvenienced her”.

Carey met Packer around 2014 at a premiere for the film Hercules in Aspen, the pair hitting it off immediately, although Packer had been a fan of the singer from afar for decades. They dated for 18 months, were temporarily engaged, then split suddenly in October 2016.

It is understood Carey initially demanded something to the tune of $US50 million from Packer for the “inconvenience” of going out with him, but this dwindled down to under $US10 million by the time of settlement. She has also kept the $10 million dollar engagement ring Packer had given her, which she continued to wear after the split, as seen in the Instagram pic above.

Punters are currently scratching their heads wondering (a) how the fuck someone can come up with such bullshit as an “inconvenience fee”, and (b) just what the heck really went down between Mariah and James.

Being paid out for abuse or an affair? Perhaps. Scoring millions to look after a bastard child? For sure. Settling for someone to keep their mouth shut about possible private shenanigans? We’d get it. But US$10 million for “inconvenience”?

If I were James, I’d claim from Carey on grounds of her apparent insanity having possibly driven him mad.  Michael Mastess

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