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Crack open a queer beer

Gayle Ale & Cider @2x

When news arrived that our politicians had finally passed the same-sex marriage bill in Parliament, plenty of people in the LGBTQI community would have been cracking open a beer to celebrate, if they weren’t popping a bottle of champagne.

Wouldn’t have been nice to know, then, that there was a brand of beer made specifically for and by LGBTQI folk so to team with a theme, per se?

Gayle Ale is a beer brewed and produced in South Australia by McLaren Vale’s Swell Brewery subsidiary, and is being described as “a fruity, fun, and fabulous beer” that hopes to help LGBTQI issues at top of mind when enjoying a drink down the pub.

The company has also just released its own ‘queer cider’ that, like the beer, has been “brewed with love”. Made from pink lady apples picked from the Adelaide Hills, the Gayle Cider has a crisp, spritzer-like finish.

Ask for Australia’s newest queerest beverage at your LGBTQI-friendly local, and if they don’t stock it, simply demand that they do, damn it!  Antonino Tati


For information and stockists visit www.gaylebev.com.au.


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