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‘The Unbelievables’: phenomenal fun for the family

The Unbelievables @2x

From the producers of successful variety show The Illusionists comes fresh production The Unbelievables – a fast-paced entertainment spectacle that is jam-packed with death-defying acrobatics and aerial acts, mind-blowing magic, high-grade comedy, and even ballroom dancing, all backed by a six-piece swing orchestra.

Cream‘s newest contributor, Madison McCubbin, just 10 years of age, reviews Crown’s newest variety show.



The stage was different. In fact there were people sitting on tables up on the stage! Very dangerous, they could get hurt, but the MC did make jokes of them, which was funny.

The lighting was colourful and big screens helped me see acts close up, especially the sneaky card tricks.

The start of the first half was amazing. I loved the lady that changed 16 outfits in two minutes, wow! She made it look so easy.


Then an acrobat came out in a wheelchair, and he and his strong partner could do tricks with one arm! His partner was balancing him on his head, which was amazing. They were inspiring and made me want to do gymnastics again.

The singer had a lovely voice, and her song was sad but sweet. The talented dancers were spectacular and beautifully dressed.

One of my favourites was Jay the Ventriloquist whose first act with the monkey was so funny. The monkey made jokes like “I’m just hanging here” which was very funny. Then, in second half, Jay came on with a different doll, Bob, who told off some girls next to the stage. When he swapped voices, it was hilarious, LOL!

Next, I loved the Sand Artist, because she inspired me to do more art and to be creative and to use anything for art. She could inspire you with her drawings and make you want to live your dreams! She was a fabulous and unique artist, and how she made a girl looking at magical buildings like the Taj Mahal was beautiful to watch.

There was an outstanding pole dancer, who did stunts in the air without a net, dangerous! But the knife throwing act never came on stage. I think the lady got hurt, maybe stabbed while practicing?! Oh no, hope not!

Everyone was laughing hard at the energetic MC. He was very happy and funny and made jokes of the audience which was fun too.

The unbelievable show was so like unbelievable, LOL, really amazing, funny, unique and great entertainment for all the family. I wish I could watch it again, maybe next time I will actually open my eyes and watch the sword swallower, everyone gasped and clapped so hard. He must have been great.  Madison McCubbin


‘The Unbelievables‘ is on at Crown, Perth until February 28. 

Tickets available here.



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