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More circus antics at Fringe

The Best Circus fringe @2x

At least for a short time, with the sweet taste of Fringe circus events that are family friendly, there is the Best of the Western Australian Circus under the Big Top at The Pleasure Garden. Offered is an entertaining blend of acrobatics, trapeze, balance and well, something a little weird. It turns out that the acts are mostly international festival performers but the hosts are based in Margaret River – who run a regional festival in January.

The show opens with Fabian, from Strasburg, Germany, fluidly balancing spinning tops while performing acrobatic manoeuvres. Trapeze artist Serena draws gasps from the crowd with her body spinning at the top of a pole; no net, just using her neck muscles to hold the rope.

Circus WA @2x

The charismatic duo from Paris, Rodrigues and Celeste, are so cute in their nautical costumes, performing comedic but gutsy trapeze, and making the audience grin throughout. One of the highlights of the night.

On to something weird, namely the “magical world”, which saw slow-paced meditative movements intertwined with the circus rings lowered to ground floor.

From Tasmania, Anna Fisher knows how to groove with her cool mastery of the hoops; a spunky performance.

Best WA Circus cr @2x

The final act from Germany was not only introduced as the bell-boy who performed the all-important job of belay for the trapeze artists, but surprisingly stole the show its playful audience interaction. Said bell-boy goes on to juggle pins, a pole and even a ladder that he balances standing mid-stage, evoking ooohs and aahs from the crowd.

What more would you expect from best of the circus artists? A fun mini bonanza for all ages to enjoy.  Annette McCubbin


Photography (except for top of story) by Annette McCubbin.

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