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Manuel, bread roll on table four, por favor!

Faulty Towers the Dining Experience @x

Upon heading downstairs into the venue, we are greeted by the friendly receptionist with the words “Mingle in the foyer and Mr Fawlty will instruct you to your table”. Thus, the frivolity begins.

Manuel (Geoffrey Reczek) soon arrives, highly earnest and lost as usual, followed by a slightly agitated Basil (Luke McGibney). Basil, looking resplendent with authentic patches on his tweed coat and all, noticeably increases his level of agitation once Sybil (Rhian McLean) enters the foyer.

After some slight confusion the guests are seated.

Throughout the night the Fawltys and Manuel serve you themselves, accompanied by delightful insults from Basil every time he comes near you. True to form, Sybil becomes more and more intoxicated as the night progresses, while Manuel does not fail to confuse everyone, most of all himself.

From there, the night unveils as one comedy of errors after another.

If you grew up watching this comedy show, this live re-enactment of sorts will bring back fond memories. If you happen to be a little younger and have never seen the show, then this performance could well make you an instant fan.

The venue – Rigby’s in the Perth CBD – is perfectly suited to this show, with the cast making a point to come to every table throughout the night, making everyone feel at home, if not involved. The mirrors on the walls also help you keep an eye on each of the cast as they move around and behind you.

I heard one person on our table say they expected a bit more for the meal itself. For me, the courses served were fine; a little on the plainer side, perhaps, but still satisfying. It reminded me of the sort of fare you might actually be served if you visited the famous hotel on Torquay. But let’s face it, we didn’t come for the food; we came for the laughs. And those we were served plenty of.  Sash Tomson


‘Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience’ is on at Rigby’s, George Street, Perth until February 25. Tickets are available through www.fringeworld.com.au

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