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VAMFF Special: 7 Questions with Designer Isabella Raco

Isabella Raco VAMFF @2x

“The fashion industry is a medium that touches almost every human on this planet.” Isabella Raco


Each day during Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Cream profiles an emerging designer, betting that these will be the trend-setting folks to watch. Today we put 7 questions to designer Isabella Raco, whose stylish menswear label RACO is classic in aesthetic, but with a touch of emotive fun.


How long have you been designing fashion?

I’ve just completed my Bachelor of Design so I am fairly new to the industry, but in terms of designing, I’ve been interested in fashion design since high school.


What is the primary reason you got into the industry?

My main drive is the love of the creative process. Whilst I’m always defining and redefining my practices, I’ve found that I love being able to see a project out from start to finish, and watching my ideas grow and come to life. I also like to be able to connect the dots. Oh, and the fashion industry is a medium that touches almost every human on this planet, and I feel like that is a very powerful thing, especially as it is a great tool for creating change.


The fashion industry is often described as ‘fickle’. What are the key attributes you possess that will see you coping with all these factors such as environmental impact and oversaturation of competition?

The fashion industry to me is a complex one but I know I have a strong drive to want to make a positive change.


How long have you been preparing your upcoming show at VAMFF?

I’ve been working on the concept for this collection since last August as part of my graduate collection, although I feel the design started to really take shape in August and that is where I refined my ideas and pushed the collection forward.


How best would you describe your new season collection?

Ah, I’d say it’s emotive, fun, calculated and reflective of inconsistencies in human behaviour in an environmentally-aware and sustainable way.


If you absolutely had to compare your design vision with a well-established, veteran designer, who would that be?

That’s such a hard question. I honestly have no idea. I guess maybe I don’t feel like I’m at a point where I can be comparing myself to someone with that kind of experience.


Complete this sentence: “I live for fashion. The only other things I truly live for are…”

Good coffee and a good Negroni.


For updates on Melbourne Fashion Festival 2018 visit www.vamff.com.au.



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