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Mobile Disco @2x

If we asked you to give us a list of 20 of the world’s best DJs, Carl Cox and Eric Powell ought to be on it. The former has been spinning discs at the best dance parties and clubs worldwide for almost 40 years, while the latter came to prominence in the Summer of Love ’88 and has evolved into one of the UK’s most sought-after DJs.

Now, Carl and Eric will be digging deep through their extensive record collections to pick out their favourite soul, funk and house tracks in presentation of ‘Mobile Disco’, being held for the first time this year in Bali, Indonesia.

Fans of the event would know that ‘Mobile Disco’ began in Melbourne as a moderately humble affair frequented by 150 of Carl & Eric’s closest buddies.  It’s gotten bigger each year with more friends and more great music.

This will be Carl and Eric’s first time overseas, bringing their funk-infused ‘Mobile Disco’ to Bali. Although they’ve had many offers in the past, they’ve been waiting for the perfect location and time.  And those are the ULU Cliffhouse Bali on Saturday 19 May.


More information available at the www.baliclubbing.netMichael Mastess

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