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The tastier side of Vegan

Vegan Made Delights Raw Bars @2x

We here at Cream don’t mind the superfood trend the world is currently going through. In fact, we hope it’s more of a stayer than mere trend – for the sake of everybody’s health. We enjoy it even more so when healthy food tastes great, like the salads at Health Nuts in Sydney or any Sumo Salad, for that matter. But when it comes to foods-on-the-go, like protein bars and nutritional snacks, these kind of leave us disappointed, often tasting like cardboard.

Leave it to organic wholefoods manufacturers Vegan Made Delights to create snacks that are good for you and that taste great. Already we’ve tried their Chocolate Peanut Brittle and divine Rose Turkish Delight, as well as their delicious Organic Coconut Macaroons. Now comes something for the true health nut: Raw Halva Sesame Butter Bars.

Surprisingly creamier than most other halva bars sampled, these sticks of goodness are gluten-free, dairy-free, GM-free, made with all-natural raw ingredients, with no added sugar. And yet they taste scrummilicious. They also come in an even tastier Cacao Sesame Seed version.

For more information, visit www.veganmadedelights.com.auLisa Andrews

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