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Jurlique’s seasonal products perfect for all year-round

Jurlique Products @2x

Each year Jurlique releases a Limited Edition Rose Body Oil to celebrate the festive season; usually the western festive season. This year, it released its deluxe body oil to coincide with Chinese New Year. A smart move in 2018, since roses are said to be lucky for those born in the Year of the Dog. Sure, Chinese New Year has been and gone, but the precious oil is still available… for a limited time, of course.

What makes this oil so special is not only its delectable ingredients such as safflower seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, calendula and of course the titular rose flower extracts all helping to keep the skin hydrated and nurtured, but the fact that its glorious scent is long-lasting. Rub a small amount into your palms, then massage lightly over the body, and you’ll find a little bit goes a long way to make you smell naturally good all day long. In fact, whenever I put on Jurlique’s Rose Body Oil, I actually feel good for a greater part of the day – there’s just something so fresh and invigorating about it.

Jurlique Rose Body Oil @2x

Now, to something new in the beauty brand’s line: an Activating Water Essence, also available in Limited Edition. Every beauty regime requires a decent bit of moisturising and this essence acts to not only hydrate and soften but to tone in all the right parts of the face. The water does its magic to prepare the face for whatever serum and moisturiser you wish to follow with (which, naturally, should be Jurlique).

Jurlique Active Water Essence @2x

Both the Rose Body Oil and Activating Water Essence are now available in gorgeous rose-print packaging, stamped with gold Chinese kanji to commemorate this special time of the year. But then, treating the body and face to these products is an act worth repeating all year-round.  Antonino Tati


Rose Body Oil Limited Edition RRP $88 for 200ml and Activating Water Essence RRP $73 for 150ml are available from Jurlique salons and quality beauty outlets, and at www.jurlique.com.au.

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