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Magic mud from Herbs + Heart

Herbs + Heart Face Mud cream magazine @2x

Though we’re well into Autumn, there are still days when the sun is so strong that I end up moisturising and slapping on more protection than I’m used to. For this reason, my skin has begun to feel a bit gluggy by the end of the week. Which is why I insist on at least one mud mask come the weekend, wishing to do away with all those serums and creams for a while.

Recently discovering Herbs + Heart Face Mud, I find this three-in-one product is perfect for the job, working as a cleanser and exfoliator while leaving my face feeling hydrated, but never greasy.

Dipping my finger in the jar, the product itself feels like something dug from the depths of nature. It’s rough and thick and potent with a mixture of natural scents, since it contains a bunch of super fruits (16 including coconut and apricot) along with manuka honey, orange peel and sandalwood to really loosen up those dead skin cells.

Because of its potency, the mask can be left on for the shortest amount of time and still leave glorious results. Although it takes a little getting used to smoothing out the thick texture, it’s nice to know all that motion on the face is doing a dandy good job at cleansing and exfoliating. Then, it’s only a matter of leaving it to dry for a couple minutes more, then wiping off gently using a moist towel.

You can practically see the benefits from the very first use, and I’ve since learnt that because Herbs + Heart Face Mud is chemical-free, it’s fine for daily use.

Now it’s pretty much replaced my old batch of cleansing and exfoliating products. Heck, my skin is left feeling so pleasantly neutral, I hardly need to tone!

This stuff is like magic mud in a jar. And the best bit is, the tiniest amount goes a very long way.

Highly recommended, if a fuss-free facial regime is what you’re after.  Michael Mastess


Herbs + Heart Face Mud is available from www.herbsandheart.com RRP $38.99, currently priced at $34.00.

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