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Woman opens fire at YouTube HQ; wounds four before turning the gun on herself

Nasim Aghdam 00 @2x

Tragedy struck YouTube headquarters in California this morning when a woman opened random fire, injuring several employees before turning the gun on herself.

At 6am (AEST, 1pm US time), Nasim Aghdam, aged 39, entered the YouTube building in San Bruno, just south of San Francisco, opening fire in a dining area situated at the back of the complex.

Four people were injured and immediately taken to hospital, and several police officers also apparently injured.

“It was very chaotic, as you imagine,” San Bruno Police Chief Ed Barberini said at a press conference, urging locals to stay away from the social media giant’s headquarters.

Police were seen patting down YouTube employees as they were being evacuated from the building “to check for weapons”.

Nasim Aghdam had no terrorist connections, but had previously published an eccentric series of videos on YouTube, including parodies and workouts, as well as mini clips on topics such as animal cruelty and vegan cooking.

In the videos, Aghdam displays strange dance moves and offers ‘tips’ to exercising. One of the odd videos was entitled ‘In Memory of My Pet Rabbit’.

Nasim Aghdam @2x

In February last year, Aghdam had recorded a clip criticising YouTube for taking measures that decreased the number of views of her videos, claiming YouTube had discriminated and filtered her content.

“Never talk about your own beliefs,” says Aghdam in one of her clips, “otherwise you will be discriminated and censored.”

“Going on YouTube is not in your hands,” she continues. “It all depends on who is controlling your channel.  Antonino Tati


View a snippet of Nasim Aghdam’s complaints to YouTube, above.

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