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'Spider-Man' actor Tom Holland leaves Madonna stranded on the dancefloor

Madonna with mirror ball cream magazine @2x

On the big screen he may be a hero, but Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland is no great talent on the dancefloor.

On the latest episode of the Graham Norton Show, Holland revealed he was introduced to Madonna at an Oscars after-party and invited to dance with her (well, for her), then left her stranded under the mirror ball.

“An old friend of mine, who’s a manager, comes up to me and is, like, ‘Tom! Tom! Do you know Madonna?’ And I’m like, ‘Funny enough, no.’ So, he drags me across this nightclub and introduces me to Madonna,” says Holland, who will soon feature in the upcoming action flick Avengers: Infinity War.

“[My friend] can see me panicking and goes, ‘Madonna, Tom is an incredible dancer.’ She goes, ‘Really? That’s something I’d love to see — show me!’”.

So Holland leads the pop diva to the floor, then, nervous and all, manages to deliver nothing more than a naff two-step.

“There [was] not much arms involved,” says Holland. “I’m just doing a little two-step to try to warm myself up — and she is so unimpressed.”

So embarrassed himself, Holland took off through the crowd, leaving Madonna slack-jawed.

Despite nerves on this particular occasion, Holland is actually a pretty good dancer. As a kid, he even starred as the lead in an English production of Billy Elliot.  Antonino Tati

Tom Holland in 'Billy Elliot' in 2010

Tom Holland in ‘Billy Elliot’ in 2010

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