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The Unique Touch: Adding a Touch of Creative Flair to your Interiors

A tiny brick kitchen that has been renovated.

Whether you rent or are lucky enough to own your family home, we all want the feeling of having a living space that is special and, indeed, unique to our tastes.

So, when it comes to decorating your interior space, how do you go about it? Do you paint, add mementos around the house, or do you find interesting pieces to create an eclectic style?

Well, here are my suggestions for some of the ways you can bring a sense of vibrancy and creativity to your indoor area, as well as how to make your home come alive with personality!

Writer: Alana King


Personal Designs:

One of the many ways you can include your own personal flair is by creating your own designs. From the selection of material, to the artwork, there is a variety from which to choose.

Do you like natural fibres and bringing nature into your home? One idea may be to design a picture on wood furniture.

You can do this with a wood engraving, provided through many services that offer laser cutting in Melbourne. They can cut your outline using the finest lasers, giving you a beautiful edge and a gorgeous piece of artwork.



As I hinted to in the introduction, often the main way we express ourselves in our homes is through colour. We often do this with paint or wallpaper designs.

Feature walls are popular in interior design, as they give the room a central point on which to draw one’s focus. This can also help when you want to construct the design layout of the room.

When adding flare with a feature colour, don’t be afraid to be creative with a bold one, such as yellow or indigo. At the same time, bold draws your eye, so one wall should grab enough attention.



When thinking about how to style and add that creative touch to your home, think about zoning your house.

What are you going to do in each space? The entry is a good place to make unleash the flair and make a statement, as it is the first point of focus in your home.

According to Dering Hall’s “Our Favourite Designer’s Reveal Style Tips for Every Room” with Forbes, “…the right mixture of materials and textures…make a lasting impression unique.” – Lauren Nelson.



An inclusion of artwork to your home can add a real means of unique style and personality to your home.

Perhaps you have a passion for art. Add some personality to the room with your own paintings or designs.

Alternatively, you can commission an artwork created for your home. It is good to visit the artist and their studio, to get an idea about what would best suit your personal style.

For with a commissioned piece, you can be paying a fair amount of coin if you want it in a short time.


A bit of D.I.Y:

Doing a bit of your own interior decorating can really add vitality to your indoor area.

Whether it’s a homemade bookcase, or a set of shelves for your plants, creating your own can be a great way to get creative in your home.

Better Homes and Gardens has five DIY projects you can do to add better storage to your living room.


Personal Mementos:

Be it special souvenirs, or a prized belonging from a loved one, personal belongings certainly add a unique touch to a home.

Peter Walsh of The Living Room shows through decluttering a family home. “Clyde’s father’s collections had significance and were proudly displayed in the living room.”


Now there are some tips to add creativity to your interior spaces. Enjoy!

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