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The Gifts of Life: A Baby-Ready Buying Guide For New Parents

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When a friend or family member is expecting a new arrival buying the perfect gift is important. A well thought out gift can make this special occasion even better. Buying a gift which can help parents through this transition will always be greatly received.

We were told by ABC Design that popular gifts from grandparents or close family members can range from helping out with big purchases like prams all the way through to little items which new parents may never have thought of. Furthermore, gifts which parents can use straight away are always well regarded.


Baby wraps

In the first few months of a babies life, it is really important to keep you baby close to you. It helps them feel nurtured as well as aiding the mother or father. Baby wraps are a great addition to any family as they are not only a comfortable solution but also practical.

There are a number of baby wraps on the market, and it ultimately comes to personal choice or preference. Therefore when you are choosing an item think about what the parent would prefer, is style an important factor for use, or is comfort and washability key drivers for the new parents to be. Do a bit of research online first before purchasing to make sure you get the perfect gift.


Prams and strollers

There are numerous pram and stroller options available for new parents which is due to the different habits and wants of parents. Will they prefer the baby to face outwards to the world or be looking up at them? A good rule of thumb is to think about the perfect pram is to assess how the item will be used.

Does it need to be easily compatible for a small car, or does the new parents lifestyle require it to be durable and easy to use on all surfaces? There are also prams and strollers available for active parents, where bikes and scooters are built into them, allowing exercise and parenthood to be combined.



Although the majority of the item new parents will sleep when the baby sleeps, there will be times when a baby falls asleep in their arms and the fear of waking them prevents new parents from placing them in their cot. A nice gift which gives back to the parent is an e-reader.

The light at the back of an e-reader isn’t as harsh as a smartphone or table lamp which risk the baby waking up. An e-reader allows parents to read in the dark without getting eye strain or waking the baby. A perfect way to keep parents occupied when their little one falls asleep in their arms.


Kneeling mats and caddies

Being a new parent can put a lot of strain on your body, so any gift which can help remove some of those aches and pains is a great one. Bath time require a lot of kneeling and bending over whilst you are supporting the baby – which is why a bathtime mat or caddy is a nice comfortable gift for new parents. It cushions their knees making this position easier for parents as well as keeping everything easily accessible preventing parents from struggling to reach items needed for bathtime.


Teething dummies

Teething can be a troublesome time for parents and babies alike, while teeth breaking through the gum line can differ from child to child it is ultimately going to happen to all children, therefore by doing some homework about the best solutions can be a godsend to any parent. By consulting reputable sites like Better health it’ll give you a clear understanding of teething and the best solutions to help prepare new parents. Purchasing a proven teething dummy could be a great gift for those hard periods in the child’s development.

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