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Interview with selfie queen and love guru Famous Sharron

Famous Sharron 00 @2x

Perth comedienne Famous Sharron is quite literally famous for nothing at all. She doesn’t really sing, dance or deliver any sort of performance art. She doesn’t play big league sport. Nor would she dare enter the world of dodgy politics. But there are two things she can do darn well. Take an awesome selfie. And make us laugh.

This weekend sees Shaz taking to the stage to present her stand-up comedy show Love Match in which she delves into all the nooks and crannies of that risky thing called love, with the help of celebrity guests and an audience that’s sure to be rolling in the aisles, dolls.

Antonino Tati asks Sharron about fame, successful relationships, and what she thinks of Donald Trump et al.


Hi Sharron, thanks for taking time out of your very busy agenda for Cream Magazine!

Totes, love your work.


First of all, I’ve got to ask: Why the extra ‘r’ in your name?
Oh, one of them’s silent, but it makes me a special brand of Shaz. And it’s a family tradition, dolls! My mother is Karren – with two R’s – and my Nan is Adellaide with two L’s. All my kids have doubles, too – Shardonnay, Bradd, Pitt, and Sirri.


Do you think your name could soon be up in lights with other single-moniker stars such as Madonna, Cher and Sting?

Oh, definitely. And makes it easier to find me on the Google. I love being a one-namer. There’s those ones – Madonna, Cher, Sting… And there’s also Kamal.


You’re famous for ‘being famous for nothing at all’. What do you think of other folks who don’t do much but have all the fame and glory, such as the Kardashians?

Oh, I think they’re fabulous; they were my ‘Shazpiration’ dolls! After I saw them get famous, I stopped trying so hard. And it was the best thing I ever did.


You’re the official Ambassador of Event Cinemas’ ‘Chicks at the Flicks’. Tell us in a nutshell what that is about.
I host preview nights with as much champagne as possible. Everyone gets a free gift bag, a fab night out, and a good time with their friends. We also have paparazzi photos and lots of stalls with fun samples so you can feel like a real celeb.


What is your all-time favourite chick flick?

Dirty Dancing. I was eight when it came out and I wasn’t allowed to watch it – so obviously I watched it in secret as many times as I could. My friend Darlene and I even did the ‘lift move’ in the sitting room. We broke a lamp and blamed it on the dog.


Famous Sharron 03 @2x


You put on a damn funny stand-up show, and Perth is currently seeing you perform your latest called ‘Love Match’ as part of the Perth Comedy Festival. What sort of shenanigans can we expect from the show?
Whether you’re in love, looking for love or out of love, this is the show for you. We have a singles match, doubles match, and a swingers match (in the car park after the show). It’s so much fun!


A lot of brilliant, dry comedy comes out of Perth. Judith Lucy and Joel Creasey spring to mind. Do you find the comedy from Perth to be dry, and if so, why?
I think it’s the heat, dolls. It’s a dry one.


Who are you dying to see at this year’s Comedy Festival?
Urzila Carlson is one of my all-time faves, Rhys Nicholson I can never get enough of. And Nick Cody and Luke Heggie are my hubbie’s go-tos, and I love them too.


What is Famous Sharron’s recipe for a successful relationship?
If you love yourself as much as I do, everyone wins. Confidence is one of the most attractive things to bring to a relationship. Also keep dating, going on adventures, surprise your partner; take them on mystery nights out, buy a new outfit for the bedroom, or invite your mother in law around for dinner and really shock them. Keep it fresh, dolls.


Famous Sharron 01 @2x


Finally, a little wordplay, if you don’t mind, dolls. Please respond to these words or names with the first thing that comes to your mind:


Barbie dolls – Are bigger than Trolls #always. I don’t care what my kids say.

Miley Cyrus – My dog is called Miley, because her tongue’s always out and she hates wearing clothes.

Taylor Swift – She wishes she was the Kardashians, until she then disses them.

The #MeToo Movement – No words, just all the consensual hugs.

Fame – Me.

Princess Diana – Oh my heart. I think of those boys losing their mother. I wish she could have seen them grow up!

Megan Markle – The next people’s princess.

Donald Trump – The Simpsons predicted he would become President!

Melania Trump – Get out, dolls, while you still can.

The Australian Government – Where’s my internet, dolls?

Famous Sharron – So very famous, for nothing at all.


Famous Sharron’s ‘Love Match’ is on at The Hellenic Club, Northbridge, Perth as part of the Perth Comedy Festival 7pm, Friday 27th, 7pm Saturday 28th, and 6pm Sunday 29th April. Tickets are available through www.perthcomedyfestival.com. Ticket includes free gift bag from Shaz!

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