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KFC’s big bucket fiasco

KFC's Big Bucket Sydney @2x

Kentucky Fried Chicken might see some Sydneysiders kicking up a stink if they get wind the government may have profited from a recent KFC branding stunt.

In celebration of the brand’s 50th anniversary in Australia, a mammoth chicken bucket has been set up at Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour, attracting surprised looks from locals, and even having tourists scratching their heads, wondering if they missed the memo KFC is actually Australian-owned (it’s American, of course).

Indeed, the huge structure would have cost the company a pretty penny to position in such a popular tourist spot, given council regulations and all.

The six-metre-tall, seven-metre-wide bucket (I know, the proportions are odd) was erected next to the Overseas Passenger Terminal, with KFC employees walking around, handing out free chicken to passers-by.

The stint follows the fast-food brand’s recent ‘retro’ style ad, a throwback to 1968, when the first KFC outlet opened in Sydney’s Guildford and the brand produced its first television ad.

Created by Ogilvy Sydney, the ad is set in April 1968 at a dinner table where a mother and son are eating their meal until some bro’ brings in a bucket of KFC… And you can guess the rest.

Ah well, some Sydneysiders might be up in arms about it, but at least the exercise is helping putting food in folks’ mouths.  Michael Mastess

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