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Could you go a month without eating meat?

No Meat May @2x

It seems there’s a charity ‘day’ or special cause ‘week’ for just about everything these days. But when a week stretches out to a month, you know the organisers mean business.

As its name suggests, No Meat May (NMM) encourages curious carnivores to ditch red and white meat for a month so as to give them a taste of what eating like a rabbit might feel like. Well, okay then, eating like a herbivore.

According to the founders, by participating in the cause for just one month, each No Meat May participant will on average save at least 31 grateful animals, avoid 7kgs of meat consumption, and prevent approximately 100kgs of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere. (It might also cause deflated iron and dark circles under the eyes, but I digress).

Promising to improve personal health while aiming to end factory farming and help save the planet (yep, all at the same time), NMM also suggests giving up eggs and dairy for 31 days.

Not wishing to ram the vegan message down newbies’ throats (pun intended), the organisers insist on highlighting that partakers in this meat-sacrificing exercise see it as a “bite-sized no-strings taste of vegan or vegetarian lifestyle”.

So, if you’re keen to sample what the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is like, today’s the day to start your new diet. And you can begin by chucking out last night’s pepperoni pizza and those frozen chicken nuggets that have been at the back of the freezer for the past six months.  Michael Mastess


For more information, visit www.nomeatmay.net.

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