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Tips for creating the perfect outdoor entertaining space

Artificial Turf 01 @2x

When fall begins there is nothing we love more than enjoying the great outdoors. As there is nowhere more inviting than your very own backyard – your personal sanctuary where you can go to escape from everyday life – it is also the perfect place to host parties and get together.

With summer round the corner, it is time to get your outdoor spaces prepped and ready for all those fun times ahead. In the spirit of this, we want to share some tips with you on how to create the perfect outdoor entertainment space.


Think of the weather

Once you have your outdoor area decorated the way you like it, you want to take every single opportunity you can to enjoy it to its full potential. To ensure that you can appreciate your backyard all year long, you need to consider the weather. Have you got adequate shade in the summer? Do you need a heater, fireplace or any other extra items for the winter? Can you put up enclosures to help block out the wind and rain?

Remember, it is more than just an atmosphere that you need to create, you need to keep the weather in mind when purchasing any item for your entertainment space. You need to consider durability and you might also need to buy some furniture or barbecue covers.


Seating – make room for all

For big families and lots of friends, your backyard is the perfect area for entertaining. It means you can get creative with seating, instead of having the standard table and chairs, you can add a little more space. A great option would be a built in seating area, this will save a lot of space and remove any unwanted clutter that can come with moving around chairs. All you need to do is simply add some cushions and there you have your cosy seating area.

Artificial Turf 02 @2x

The landscape

You need to consider the view and look of your backyard as well as the outdoor entertaining space itself. Think about theme you are looking to create outdoors and what can be carried out in the surrounding areas to influence it, such as, how your patio is going to look,  the type of plants you choose and decorative lighting. Another thing to consider is the type of paving that leads people from the house to the outdoor entertaining area and the sort of grass you are using. Artificial Turf is the perfect party host as there is no need to worry about the mud or, mowing and weeding the lawn before guest arrive. It always looks manicured and and in perfect condition – this allows you to concentrate your energy on preparing everything else for your night of entertaining.


Cooking space

To make the most out of your outdoor entertainment area, you want it to be somewhere you can enjoy a meal. Whether you are creating that perfect Aussie barbeque or a tasty pizza in a specially designed oven – create the perfect outdoor cooking area that suits all your needs. Consider a prepping bench and sink too so you can do it all outside whilst still being able to speak to your guest instead of leaving them outdoors whilst you spend most of your evening indoors cooking.


Finally, your outdoor entertainment space is complete and you can now enjoy the sunshine with your friends and family.

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