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Zip it!

ZipIt @2x

We’ve all had that moment when we go to put on our favourite pair of jeans and – darn it – the zip has gone and busted. Occasionally we’ll try to salvage our fave denims by bringing the jeans to a local seamstress only to realise the cost to fix the zip is about half of what the garment cost you in the first place.

Now you can fix broken zips without enduring costly repairs, saving your fab jeans from being discarded for good. Thanks to FixnZip!

In a nutshell, this nickel zip slide replacement features a quality ‘slider’ attachment that is able to be used on tooth, coil, metal or plastic zips. It’s easy to attach and comes in various sizes (just check the size of your zipper on the slider back).

FixNZip @2x

No sewing needed. No complex tools. Good for fixing zips on clothing, bags, even sleeping bags and tents. Plus it’s removable and reusable. And the best bit is, you don’t need a degree in fashion design.

More information at www.facebook.com/fixnzipaustralia/  Lisa Andrews

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