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A Taste For Tactics: How to Start Planning Your Weight Loss Regimen

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Whether it is your upcoming 10-year high school reunion or your best friend is getting married – weight loss is on your mind.  We get it, it seems like a few pesky KGs are always hanging around just when you really don’t want them there.  Weight loss can be a daunting task in today’s busy lives.  Finding time for regular exercise AND cooking healthy meals – ugh – who has the time.  If you are wanting to lose weight but don’t know where to start, then you have stumbled upon the perfect article.  Read on for hot tips on how to begin planning your weight loss regimen.


01. Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

People have devoted their entire career to developing weight loss products that are safe, effective, and easy to use.  If you are time poor but want a pantry full of healthy snacks – be on the lookout for products that help you lose the weight and keep it off.


02. Something is Better Than Nothing

Losing weight doesn’t take hours of exercise a day.  On the contrary, incorporating movement into your existing daily routine will have far more benefit than setting goals that are out of reach.  Things like taking the stairs rather than the lift, getting off the bus early and walking the last 6 blocks to work, or hitting up yoga on your lunch break will all contribute greatly to your weight loss goals.


03. Celebrate Your Success

The scales may not be tipping as quickly as you want.  But don’t let that get you down.  Celebrate things such as your jeans fitting more comfortably or enhanced mental clarity as a result of your cleaner eating and daily movement.


04. Write it Down

When life gets busy, or you are feeling fatigued, it can be difficult to be a mindful eater.  A great way to make improvements to your routine that will aid in weight loss is to start a food journal or use a food recording app.  A journal will reveal your habits and force you to come face to face with everything you are putting in your… face.   Mindless snacking can derail the best laid out weight loss plan!


05. Prioritise Enjoyment

If you see weight loss as a miserable experience that deprives you of everything that brings you joy – you probably won’t succeed.   In developing your weight loss regimen, be sure to prioritise things that bring you joy.  If you hate running, then don’t run!  Gentle yoga or long walks can have the same effect on weight loss when done consistently.  If you hate green smoothies, then don’t start your day with one!  A veggie egg scramble is a great healthy way to kick off your day and is not lacking in flavour of comfort.

There is only one thing between you and you looking really great in your favourite black dress.  And that one thing is planning.  Set your weight loss goals and incorporate the five tips above into your plan.  Set your mind on the long game, because weight loss doesn’t happen overnight.  Try to reframe it from being a chore to something enjoyable and before you know it you will be your perfect weight!

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