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No-fuss, no-waste Indian cooking for one (or two)

Patak_s Paste Pots @2x

Cooking for one can be a chore, especially when you factor in the wastage that often occurs. There’ve been times when I’ve gone to make a pasta or a curry sauce and have only used a third of the jar, only to see the rest of the contents waste away in the fridge a few days later.

Fabulous news, then, that makers of fine curry pastes Patak’s have introduced mini paste pots for those of us preparing meals less for ‘family’ and more for one or two.

But just because the size of the product has been reduced, doesn’t mean the flavour has been. Indeed, each pot is packed with at least 11 spices which are ground, blended, and preserved in oil to retain flavour.

And with three key pastes of Korma, Tikka Masala, and Madras, your taste for quality Indian fare is fairly well-covered.  Michael Mastess


Patak’s Paste Pots RRP $4 each, available from Woolworths and IGA stores.

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