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‘American Horror Story’ crossover announced for next season


American Horror Story Jessica Lange cream magazine @2x

But will Jessica Lange return as a key player?


If you ask fans of American Horror Story what their favourite seasons have been, chances are the first in the series, Murder House, and the third, Coven, would be bandied about freely. Personally, our favourite is Freak Show but then that might say more about us than it does about AHS fans in general.

Said fans will be happy to hear that producer Ryan Murphy just announced Season 8 will be a crossover between the first and third seasons – meaning it’ll fall somewhere between a house of horrors and a bunch of bad-ass witches causing all the kooky chaos.

Murphy tweeted over the weekend: “The Coven/Murder House crossover season won’t be happening next year… because it’s happening this year! Witches rule this September.”

American Horror Story gif cream magazine @2x.gif

Bitches be back…

Already confirmed to star in the eighth season are AHS stalwarts Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and spook veteran Kathy Bates.

We’re aching to know if the crossover will see a return of Jessica Lange, who of course stole the show in both Murder House and Coven and to whom all AHS fans bow down to…  Antonino Tati

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