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Pokemon Go Nintendo cream magazine @2x

‘Pokémon Go’ is soon to celebrate its second birthday on July 6, two years on from when the augmented-reality adventure game first took the world by storm.

Very quickly, the game had millions of people hooked, seeing them venture out of their homes and offices and into their local parks to catch Pidgeys and other wildlife.

For 2018, one of the updates to the game is a Friends List, where fellow players are able to create profiles and exchange ‘friend codes’ with each other. Once both players have accepted one another’s friendship and as games progress, status between you builds and builds.

A link tally called ‘Friendship Level’ will soon see you either becoming a ‘Good Friend’, ‘Great Friend’, ‘Ultra Friend’ or ‘Best Friend’, dependent on two things: (01) How often you fight through gyms together, and (02) how many gifts you give one another (ohhhhhh!).

For more information visit www.nintendo.com.auMichael Mastess

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