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Avoiding Comforter Catastrophe: How to Move Bedding Without Losing Sleep

Moving House @2x

Moving house is stressful. There’s heaps to do and keep track of. First of all, you’re either buying or taking on a new lease which is a big deal in and of itself. Then you’ve got to arrange the disconnection and connection of all your utilities. Then there’s the unknown of a new suburb and a new house.

Finally, there’s the move. That awful move. Either hiring a truck or removalists and packing up your whole life and trucking it across town. One aspect of a move that can be overlooked is how you move your bedding. So instead of making it an afterthought, read this helpful blog and find out the best way to move your mattress and bedding.


The Bed Base

This, apart from your mattress, is going to be the bulkiest item of your bedding to move. Removalists in Melbourne will be able to do it no problem, but if you’re doing it yourself there’s a few steps to take. First, remove the mattress and pop it out of the way, we’ll look at how to move that next.

Then, you’re going to need to disassemble the bed frame. This can be tricky, depending on how it’s constructed. You may need to remove the slats and fold them up, or undo some screws and nuts and bolts. Hot tip – tape the screws, nuts and bolts to the frame to stop them from getting lost in the move.

Finally, pack it all down to ensure it takes up as little space as possible in the truck and Bob’s your mother’s brother!


The Mattress

Your mattress is an important item of furniture. You want to make sure it survives the move in good shape. It should be one of the first things that you pack into the truck or van. Put it on its side and slide it up against the side of the moving vehicle. This is to maximise space.

Then, ensure that it is strapped or tied down securely. The last thing you want is it to fall over on your furniture or valuable items during the move. You may want to take the opportunity to vacuum it first though. It can accumulate a lot of dust and debris over the years so a spring clean may be just the ticket.


Your Sheets and Linen

The next step is to pack your sheets. It can be tempting to just bundle them into a ball and shove them in the truck somewhere but this is not a good idea. Firstly, you’ll need a made up bed to sleep on when you get to the new place. So, fold them neatly and store them somewhere you can find them easily on the other side.

A good idea is to dedicate a suitcase or large box to just your linen. You could wrap them all in plastic first as well. A lot of dust gets thrown about during a house move, so this will keep them safe from that. This is a great idea especially if members of your household have respiratory conditions like asthma.


Finally, the Pillows

Ah, the comfiest part of your bed. The place you lay your head after a long day and sleep the sleep of the just. Put your pillows in your car if you have room. This way they’re accessible in the case that something goes wrong. For example, sometimes there’s issues with settlement in the case of buying a home. If you’re locked out of your new place because of something like that, at least you’ll have your own pillows to use in the hotel for the night.


There You Have It

First, disassemble and pack the bed frame. Next, pack the mattress smartly. Fold your sheets and linen and store them in an easily accessible place. Finally, pop your pillows in the car and get ready to enjoy your first night in your new pad.


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