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Cosplay stronger than ever at Supanova 2018

Forget the cavalcade of celebrities who’d made their way down under for Supanova 2018. The fans in cosplay were where the real action was at.

Whether drawing from old-school icons or emulating contemporary villains or superheroes, so much effort was put into costuming by guests at this year’s event, you’d think you were in the presence of the ‘real’ thing in some cases.

Deadpool, Ironman, The Joker, Princess Leia. Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Dr Who, Batman. Venom, Groot, Harry Potter, even Santa. You name the fantastical character, it was there, and with bells on; just about every icon from every comic, book, film or video game. Or so it seemed.

A Supanova visitor sinks his teeth into the opportunity to dress up as Venom.

Vivid character after vivid character crammed the main exhibition area and the foyer of the Perth Convention Centre across the entire weekend of June 22-24. Stalls were jampacked with everything from collectible comics to autographed and framed celebrity portraits. Oh, and Pop Vinyl. Lots of Pop Vinyl. In fact, Pop Vinyl at a Supanova event are as ubiquitous as dildos at a Sexpo. So many shapes and sizes, and just about everywhere you turned.

But let’s get to those celebrities, shall we?

The big drawcard this year appeared to be ironic post-mod hero, Chuck Norris. He’s kind of like the David Hasslehoff of the new generation; a hero who, for a while there, looked daggy when considered retrospectively but suddenly has earned such a cool rep. Amazing since he hasn’t starred in a film since 2012’s The Expendables 2 or TV since Walker, Texas Ranger in 2005.

Kathleen Turner was present, signing almost as many Jessica Rabbit headshots as she signed classic black-and-white ones. Mind you, the photo-print options were pretty limited, and not the most flattering of Turner. Where were the classic stills from Body Heat, or even that little-known Italian drama she’d starred in, Julia & Julia?

Richard Dreyfuss was just as happy to sign photo-prints for a fee. Generally, stars charged $70 to $100 for either a photograph with them, or a signed readymade. It seems the price is getting a bit steep, considering you could go to a stall ’round the corner and buy framed, autographed photographs of just about any celebrity from $90 a pop (I scored a fabulous hand-signed photo of the late Jackie Collins for just $130 – now that’s a good deal!).

Brandon Routh of ‘Superman Returns’ and ‘Arrow’ fame.

One of the bigger celebs there was Brandon ‘Superman Returns’ Routh, who I’m convinced featured in an underwear fashion shoot in Cream a decade ago, but when I went to show him the pics, which he was rather reluctant to view, he immediately insisted, “That’s not me, that’s not me.” You tell us what you think. Is that Brandon looking super-fit below? Remember this was 10 years ago…

Could this be Brandon Routh posing in a Cream underwear shoot pre-‘Superman Returns’?

Like I said, the real highlight of Supanova this year were the guests dressed in cosplay. Take a look at our gallery below and see who the real stars are!  Antonino Tati


Photography by Annette McCubbin



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