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Charlie Sheen turns the tables in clip for Lil Pump single ‘Drug Addict’


Charlie Sheen and Lil Pump Drug Addicts @2x

Rap artist Lil Pump knows how to break the internet with a little scandal. Step One: Put the word ‘drug’ in your song’s title. Step Two: rope in a former celebrity drug addict to star in the song’s clip.

Infamous party animal Charlie Sheen, who is currently planning a ‘spoken word’ tour of Australia, steals the limelight in Lil Pump’s new music video for the daft funk single Drug Addict.

Sheen plays a dodgy doctor who administers some wacky meds to hospital patients. There are also shots of copious weed and alcohol flowing freely, too, with everyone in the clip looking very much wasted and all ending up at the bottom of an empty pool.

Lyrics in the song include “I been smokin’ since I was eleven / Poppin’ pills since I was seven / Told my pastor I don’t do confessions / ‘Cause I pop a lot of molly for my breakfast.”

In real life, Charlie Sheen is popping pills of a different kind these days, namely retroviral medication. Since opening up about being HIV positive in 2016, the guy appears to be taking a less extreme and more casual approach to life.  Antonino Tati


View Lil Pump’s clip for ‘Drug Addict’ below:

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