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Season One of ‘Making It’ is all stitched up; now Season Two is in the works

Making It cream magazine @2x

Parks And Recreation alumni Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman certainly make a crafty duo.

Extrapolating on their P&R characters’ love for getting things done from scratch, they’ve gone on to create a comical reality TV show called Making It which tests the skills of eight handcrafting artisans from across the US, to see whose project is more practical and appealing.

Both Poehler and Offerman are sincere about their passion for craft. Indeed, Offerman is a best-selling author in the woodworking space, hence it isn’t just an affectation of his P&R tough guy Ron Swanson, then.

The really good news for fans of ironic comedy? A second season of Making It has just been announced.

Says Poehler, who likes to take her puns to absurd levels in real life, too, “We’re sew excited to be ‘Making It’ again, and we promise season two will have you glued to your seat.”  Lisa Andrews

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