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Scott Morrison is the new Prime Minister of Australia

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After a tumultuous week in Australian politics, a new Prime Minister has been announced, Liberal’s Scott Morrison.

Morrison owned the vote as new Liberal leader as of 10.48am and hence has become new Prime Minister (since the country is still under Liberal leadership).

Scott Morrison Australian leader 2018 @2x

New Liberal leader Scott Morrison is now also the Prime Minister of Australia.

Julie Bishop, whose popularity was looking strong earlier this morning, ultimately lost in the first round of votes.

Malcolm Turnbull’s prime ministership is now officially over, after three years of running the country and, many have been saying, doing a pretty bad job of it.

Chaos has been running rampant in Canberra these past two days, with Senators and other MPs agreeing Turnbull was not fit to be running the country, and hence called for a vote on a new leader.

Reasons for Turnbull’s apparent unfitness include his call for increased tax cuts for wealthier businesses, a decision to drop his commitment to reducing carbon emissions, his lack of empathy toward Indigenous people and asylum-seeking immigrants, and his failure to act quickly on inner-city development issues.

Turnbull refused to resign until a petition had been delivered, signed by enough ministers. Once having received these, he then asked for more time for the document to be ‘verified’ before a spill would be called.

That spill has now been called, and Scott Morrison has become Australia’s new leader.

The next federal elections are expected to take place within one year’s time.  Antonino Tati


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