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One of the most bizarre scenes in Stephen King’s ‘It’ to be featured in the ‘It: Chapter Two’ movie

It Chapter 2 @2x

According to director Andy Muschietti and screenwriter Gary Dauberman, the highly anticipated horror sequel It: Chapter Two is so scary, “you’ll need to bring your adult diapers to the theatre”.

One of the freakier scenes in the new film will be based on the most bizarre chapter in Stephen King’s classic novel. It involves what fans know as “The Ritual of Chüd”, where the ‘Losers Club’ battle against ‘It’ on an interdimensional plane.

Dauberman hasn’t gone into exact detail about how the Ritual of Chüd will play out in the movie, but has described the process as “kind of organic and metaphysical”.

Stephen King’s book sets the scene up as a psychic battle of the wits where Pennywise and one of the Losers attempt to make the other party laugh, pulling strange faces, screaming very loudly, and including a lot of weird (and literal) tongue-twisting.

You’ll have to go back and re-read the book if you’re somewhat intrigued or confused, otherwise you can wait until release date, September 6, 2019, to see what the hell the filmmakers have managed to do to put such twisted prose to celluloid.  Antonino Tati


View a recent trailer for ‘It: Chapter Two’ here:


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