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Hair today… Even thicker tomorrow

Okay, I admit it, my hair has been thinning somewhat over the past couple of years. My maternal grandparents both had thinning hair – but that was in their late 60s. And I’m only… well, not in my 60s. Yet already I’m seeing signs of a bit of a bold patch up the back there.

As it turns out, a month ago I came across a batch of minimally packaged products under the brand name of O&M (standing for Original & Mineral), each product with the clever subtitle ‘Fine Intellect’.

Now while these weren’t exactly going to provide some hair replacement therapy, I figured they might help in injecting some volume into my hair, so as to cleverly cover up that little patch.

In one full swag, I grabbed the Shampoo and Conditioner for building volume, plus something called an Atonic Thickening Spritz. Both the shampoo and conditioner boast the active ingredient of rice protein plus a bunch of native Australian actives such as Davidson Plum, and Lilly Pilly that altogether help pump up hair from the roots. Added Lemon Aspen helps protect the hair from sun damage.

The Atonic Spritz also contains Lilly Pilly, a native Australian antioxidant that helps thickens hair shafts to increase body.

Fine Intellect shampoo and conditioner are tailor-made for fine hair so there’s no need for regular visits to some advanced hair studio to fix things up… Not yet, anyway.

The Atonic Spritz also contains Lilly Pilly. For those not in the know, this a native Australian antioxidant that helps thickens hair shafts to increase body. The Spritz is also packed with Aloe Vera to add shine without weighing the hair down.

Anyway, I am now three weeks into my regime of shampooing, conditioning, simple towel-drying, and then spritzing with O&M Atonic, and the results have been phenomenal. It’s like my hair has grown, yes, fuller, thicker, more textured, in just three short weeks.

These three O&M products have worked to stimulate, invigorate, cleanse and strengthen hair. Best of all, all three are chemical-free. I am definitely noticing more strength, texture and even extra shine.

Seriously, if someone had told me I’d have fuller looking hair in a matter of weeks simply by adding a couple of new, natural-based products to my grooming regime, I’d have thought they were kidding. Now I’m wanting a lifetime supply of this very good stuff!  Antonino Tati


Original & Mineral Shampoo and Conditioner for Building Volume, RRP $32.95 each. Atonic Thickening Spritz RRP $31.85. Visit www.adorebeauty.com.au or www.originalmineral.com for further information.



Up to 50 percent of the population will experience some form of hair loss or hair thinning throughout their lifetime? This includes 85% of men who will experience hair-thinning by the time they hit 50. Reasons for hair loss and thinning are long and various and can include damage to hair follicles, hormonal changes, skin disorders, even reactions to medications. See your doctor and hair technician for solutions to healthier hair.

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