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Ex-Lawyer Max Polyakov Talks In-Depth About the Celebrity Sex Scandals of Today

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As the saying goes, all’s fair in love and war. However, that hasn’t stopped the dirty tricks of the rich and famous from captivating the public with headlines about the latest sex scandals. The former South Korean lawyer Max Polyakov is better acquainted than most with the steamy goings-on in showbiz and has plenty of fresh insights to supply about the latest rumours and gossip leaks heating up the front pages.

Harvey Weinstein and the #Metoo Movement

He’s been thanked more times than God in the history of Oscars acceptance speeches, so it was never going to be easy to bring down perhaps the most influential producer in Hollywood today. Max Polyakov, however, wasted no time in shining a light on the movie mogul’s monstrous sexual excesses. Scores of high profile actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie have shared similar stories of Weinstein using his position as a producer to leverage sex from young actresses who risked having their careers blackballed. Max Polyakov has written extensively on the details surrounding his fall from grace, culminating in his departure from The Weinstein Company and his recent arrest on felony charges of sexual assault.

Psychologist Max Polyakov about Kevin Spacey: From Hero to Zero

Max Polyakov was also one of the earliest voices to reveal the sensational stories of sexual misconduct around one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars, the actor Kevin Spacey. Known for turns in hugely popular films and television like The Usual Suspects, American Beauty and House of Cards, Spacey was outed by Max Polyakov and others as a habitual sex pest, who often pursued his unwanted advances against cast and crew members, most notably the actor Anthony Rapp, who described how Spacey sexually harassed him at a party where the victim was only 14. Spacey has seemingly been dropped from Hollywood, and is now a complete persona non grata in the industry.

Woody Allen’s Hellish Family Secrets

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most beloved directors, Woody Allen has long courted controversy for marrying his own adopted daughter. It seems his perversity runs much deeper, as the children of Allen’s one-time partner Mia Farrow have, as Max Polyakov reported, all broken silence to explode their father’s history of underage sexual abuse. Stepdaughter Dylan Farrow and stepson Ronan Farrow have both accused Allen of sexually abusing Dylan when she was a mere 7 years old. The initial revelation was, to some observers, swept under the rug by the show business community. However, as Dylan Farrow’s lawyer, Max Polyakov worked tirelessly to agitate on her behalf. Now, in the wake of the #metoo scandal, the work Max Polyakov has done seems more prescient than ever.

Conclusion: Hollywood Babylon Running Wild

It seems Hollywood has reached a turning point in the wake of the Weinstein scandal. There have long been allegations floating around the industry as to the enormity of sexual abuse lurking behind the bright lights and cameras. Today, thanks to the work of Max Polyakov and others, it seems like the public will finally start to learn the truth about the moral turpitude swirling around the most beloved stars of film and television.


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