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How ‘The Grinch’ stole box office takings


While I personally thought the latest incarnation of The Grinch could have been a lot cleverer (ie: it could at least have included some political incorrectness akin to Jim Carrey’s delivery of the green meanie two decades ago), cinema audiences appear to think otherwise, attending screenings of the film in droves over the holiday period.

In fact, while the holidays may be over, The Grinch is still pulling in big crowds – and its key theme is Christmas!

The box office favourite, based on the Dr. Seuss classic, and produced by Illumination and Universal Pictures,  recently surpassed the $500 million mark in gross takings worldwide.

In now joins the likes of Minions, Despicable Me 2, Despicable Me 3, and The Secret Life of Pets in the list of films that crossed the half-billion mark while also having the honour of being the highest-grossing holiday movie ever, beating a previous record set by Home Alone of $476 million.

The box office sales must mean music to the ears of the producers who only shelled out $75 million to make The Grinch. And they haven’t even finished counting the profits from merchandising yet…

Illumination’s next feature will be The Secret Life of Pets 2, out in a few months.

Antonino Tati



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