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Blanc de Blanc bursts bright with colour, beauty and the perfect booty

Enter the unforgettable and salacious world of Blanc de Blanc, for a spectacle of glitzy, alluring cabaret artistry in a French-themed show that takes audiences on dazzling escapades of fabulousness.
Gorgeous slinky showgirl outfits just manage to cover the sexiest of booties as each individual in the ensemble gyrates sensually to French songs across a magnificent 1920s-style two-tiered set.
In fact, the mis-en-scene of the set is so opulent, Baz Luhrmann would be envious.

The last time the Blanc de Blanc troupe were in town, they performed at the Regal Theatre, which while giving them good room to move, the space between stage and audience made the overall show somewhat 2D.  Now that they’ve moved things into a smaller Spiegeltent, things feel a little more immersive, like the audience is at the heart of the act.

Blanc de Blanc like to celebrate the champagne lifestyle. You can see it in the promo poster above. The variety of acts move from tongue-in-cheek Moulin Rouge-inspired numbers to high-energy aerial routines, each act slickly delivered.

The lead female artist is amazing to watch as she not only dances and performs dazzling acrobatics but sings beautifully, too.

Throughout the show, the full house is cheering and stomping and holding their champers in salute to one sexy troupe of performers. It’s virtual nudity, which is not surprising in a Fringe show, but cheeky bits revealed oh-so tastefully.

However, there is a lot more than just visual candy going on. There’s comedy courtesy of jester sidekick Jarred, amusing us with his stick-figure physique and lewd jokes while playing the part of the virgin nerd, making for a stark contrast to his exceptionally gorgeous ensemble.

This two-hour night of glamour is great value for money and delivers the best of elegant circus cabaret.

Definitely one of my top picks for Fringe so far this year. ★★★★★

Annette McCubbin


For the full Fringe World program and ticket bookings, visit www.fringeworld.com.au

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