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360 Allstars: Thrilling sport-meets-circus antics

Getting off to a somewhat slow start with the introductions, little did the unassuming audience expect the spectacle that finally arrived. Talk about excitement overload!

First up are two champion urban break-dancers displaying pure strength and agility. Dancing off against each other in a playful yet competitive battle, these guys compel the audience to cheer loudest for the better dancer, until one dancer is labelled the victor.

Next to amaze us is the two-time World Champion BMX Flatlander, whose faultless attempts at spine-tingling stunts on a small stage send the crowd into a spin.

Next to thrill is a basketball freestyler, his skills truly phenomenal. Starting with one basketball and at each interval adding another ball, while playfully prompting the crowd encouragement at each step until he is successfully balancing and juggling five balls at once. The skill involved is next-level.

The last to perform is the Guinness World Record holding roué cyr wheel artist, Rowan Thomas, who also happens to have landed a guest-spot in Fringe’s Club Briefs. Thomas’ mesmerising display of graceful yet spectacular movements with a massive, and no doubt heavy, metal wheel ensures all eyes are fixed on him.

Throughout the performances, a remarkable live vocal soundtrack is delivered by beat-boxer Beau Monga, who was the winner of New Zealand’s X Factor, supported by an extraordinary drumming and keyboard performance by award-winning musician Gene Peterson, sending shivers down spines. The loud and fast-paced yet haunting sounds blend seamlessly with the edgy sporting feats unfolding in front of our eyes.

360 Allstars is as entertaining for adults as it is for kids; a fun outing for the family at an awesome venue in the Teatro Tent at Pleasure Garden. The international star-studded line up is premiering in Australia so be one of the first to be thrilled. ★★★★

Annette McCubbin


‘360 Allstars’ perform in the Teatro at the Pleasure Garden, Northbridge until February 10, 2019.

For the full Fringe World program and ticket bookings, visit www.fringeworld.com.au


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