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The Hot 6 play sizzling jazz from out of New Orleans

The Hot 6 are a local jazz outfit presented by Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys who brought their one-Fringe-night-only to The Sewing Room in bustling Wolf Lane, Perth CBD.

Upon entering the basement, you immediately feel welcome by the cosy atmosphere and decor: rich textured furnishings to lay about on, cool jazz-themed portraits lining the wall, and a ceiling of vinyl hanging like disco balls. Let the good times begin, alright.

The velvety smooth band kicks off the party, introducing the members, experts of brass and percussion as they exude a style of a bygone era.

Effervescent frontman Adam Hill croons his way through fab jazz staples, like Mardi Gras to You Are My Sunshine, taking the entire room with him.

Even if you’re not the most ardent jazz fan, this sextet breathe life into the vintage genre. Heck, the players even leave the stage on occasion to play their instruments in the thick of the audience, who of course are all cheering and clapping in adulation.

By this stage, the audience is partying in full swing as is the band, ripping up jazz tunes with moments of dazzle from solo performances: clarinet, trumpet, sax, and so on.

Live Jazz is an experience altogether uplifting and dynamic. The Hot 6 just make it that much more uplifting and dynamic, seeing their shows end up like some Great Gatsby party. ★★★1/2

Annette McCubbin

Note: While this was a one-off Fringe show, the Hot 6 actually play regularly (ie: on Fridays) at the Mustang Bar, bar. Google their name for deets.

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