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Comma chameleon: Louisa Fitzhardinge makes punctuation sexy and fun in ‘Comma Sutra’

My gosh, Louisa Fitzhardinge is a real smarty-pants. So smart, she’s combined two of her degrees – one in performing arts and one in languages – to create a cerebrially challenging and brilliant one-woman show that flirts with sexuality while insisting, with humour, that brains are better than mere beauty or brawn.

Louisa is like a spunky school teacher, correcting ill grammar in the most enjoyable ways possible.

Comma Sutra sees Louisa take the English language – and several others she’s studied such as German, French and even sign – only to deconstruct these so as to reveal some fasincating linguistic insights, while also picking up on contemporary flaws (in the English language, in particular).

Indeed, Louisa is like a spunky school teacher, correcting ill grammar in the most enjoyable ways possible. Best of all, she manages to do half of this through song and the occasional dance.

With ditties packed with puns on punctuation, mostly accompanied by her pianist pal Greg Lavell (who’d have two palindromes in his name if only he’d let Louisa stick an extra ‘R’ in Greg to make ‘Grerg’), Ms Fitzhardinge has the audience eating out of the palms of her well-manicured hands.

She looks a beauty. She sings a beauty. And her grasp of various languages is, well, simply beautiful.

Comma Sutra enjoyed a sold-out run at this year’s Fringe Festival; so popular it had to tag a matinee onto the end of its season. Be sure to get in quick for tickets if we’re fortunate enough to spot it on next year’s program. ★★★★

Antonino Tati


For the full Fringe World program and ticket bookings, visit www.fringeworld.com.au.

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