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David Bowie songs turned into awesome pulp fiction and magazine covers

I always felt David Bowie’s songs were ripe for the picking as mastheads or headlines in their own right – especially all that stuff about star men and space oddities, scary monsters and super creeps. So it’s no surprise one clever artist has taken on the task of turning a bunch of excellent Bowie tunes into pulp fiction art and magazine covers.

‘Space Oddity’ gets a 1950s sci-fi overhaul. ‘Under Pressure’ is a deep sea adventure novel. ‘Young Americans’ sees a Rock Hudson and Doris Day-type couple making out under a tree.

We have Todd Alcott to thank for this awesome pop-studded gallery of cover work, each Bowie song taking on the guise of a vintage comic book, paperback cover, or front page of a magazine.

Space Oddity gets a 1950s sci-fi overhaul (featuring Ziggy Stardust and Bowie’s ex-wife Angie in old-school space suits). Under Pressure is a deep sea adventure novel complete with giant squid arm. Young Americans sees a Rock Hudson and Doris Day-type couple making out under a tree. And so on.

Each one of nine artworks is printed on heavy, glossy, archival-quality paper in a number of easily framed sizes, and costs US$25 (around AUD$35), available from www.coolmaterial.com.

Big question but. With the key theme being cover art, where on earth is Fashion?

Antonino Tati


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