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Jim Carrey seriously peeves off Mussolini’s granddaughter

Politics and comedy usually meld quite nicely. Think Alec Baldwin mimicking US President Donald Trump; England’s classic Spitting Image series turning MPs into muppets; and Australia’s Chaser chasing politicos down the corridors of power, tails caught between their legs.

Hence when Jim Carrey – one of the world’s most famous comics – comes up against Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of fascist world leader, Benito Mussolini (and the woman herself almost-as-arrogant as her militant granddad), the joke is massive.

Mussolini swiftly called Carrey a “bastard” and then posted pics of an atom-bomb cloud and a slave being whipped, telling Carrey to “draw these instead”.

Alessandra is famous, certainly, for her heritage but she’s also done a few damning things herself. Noted for her far-right stance in politics – she is the founder of the Italian national conservative party ‘Social Action’ and has since moved centre-right – so you could say the fruit hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

When Carrey tweeted a cartoon recently of Benito Mussolini and his lover Claretta Petacci strung up in Milan’s Piazza Loreto after their execution by Italian partisans in 1945 and captioned it “this is where fascism leads”, Alessandra was, well, truly pissed off.


Mussolini swiftly called Carrey a “bastard” and then, over the weekend, posted pics of an atom-bomb cloud, Native Americans, a slave being whipped, Rosa Parks, and the Vietnamese girl fleeing a napalm attack in 1972, telling Carrey to “draw these instead”.

Carrey previously had told one magazine: “It’s a little disconcerting she’s in government, not because she’s in government, but because she’s obviously still embracing evil.”

More news to come should this bitter Twitter feud continue.

Antonino Tati

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