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Keeping tabs on your pooch has never been easier with the Animo Buzz monitor

In September of last year I became a first-time pet owner. Sure, I’ve grown up with pets in the family, but as an adult I’ve never had a pooch or kitty to call my own, until now. And, boy, am I glad little Ringo has come into my life!

This little Chihuahua crossed with Jack Russell Terrier is the absolute light of my life. He greets me with licks every morning, and snuggles up to me late at night while we binge on Netflix together. Watching his big brown eyes dart left to right and back as we watch David Attenborough documentaries together is a sight to be seen.

I’m so infatuated with this li’l pup, I’ve even had socks ‘specially made, stamped with his cute face.

Of course, with all the joy of owning a new dog comes a few downsides; from domestic issues such as barking (and worrying that the neighbours are keeping tabs) to health issues (and with a part-long-haired Chihuahua breed these can be many including shortness of breath and watery eyes).

For these reasons and more it’s important to keep tabs on your pooch to avoid things going awry. Which is why I was glad to come across Sure PetCare’s pet-mounting monitor, the Animo Buzz, a nifty device that monitors activity such as sleep, exercise, calorie intake, even barking and scratching irregularity, which can often be signs of illness.

It’s important to remember that dogs can’t tell us when they are unwell, so we need to keep a sharper eye on the tell-tale signs. And the Animo monitor helps you do that.

You’ve got to be patient when you first put the monitor on your pet, for it takes a solid week for the algorithms and averages to paint a realistic picture of your dog’s activity. Those seven days are important as they give a good indication of a typical week in your dog’s life.

When, for example, I noticed that in the second week there was more activity – due to going for more walks with Ringo – I also noted that his quality of sleep improved, probably due to more exercise leading to him to feel more tired. I also noticed a healthy number of calories being burnt and maintained when outdoor exercise was regular.

The graphics are easy to understand at a glance, colour-coded according to activity and viewable in various formats and lengths of time for comparative purposes (daily, weekly, monthly). The icons, too, are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, while the Animo syncs up with new information each time you open up the app on your phone.

The only issue I have with the Animo is the comparatively bulky size of the product itself, and I kind of wish the manufacturers catered for toy dogs in creating a much smaller device so that it doesn’t stand out so much. So many people kept asking me, “What’s wrong with your dog? What is that thing on his neck?” But then I suppose it ended up being good word-of-mouth promotion for Animo in the end!

I don’t keep the Animo monitor on Ringo all the time. Sometimes he goes two or three fully monitored weeks with it, and for most of the time, to be honest, I leave it off. I have noticed he tends to be his healthy self when I do monitor him. And the good thing about using an Animo Buzz – even for a short while – is that it gets you into the habit of keeping a better tab on things while bettering your own consciousness about exercise, habitual activity, and so on.

Take that, then, Fitbit!

Antonino Tati


The Animo Buzz is available in good pet stores and through www.surepetcare.com.

If you have any questions about this product, phone 1800 824 142 or email enquiries@surepetcare.com.au.

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