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Marc Jacobs lends Peanuts characters a certain panache with his new collection

Peanuts have been entertaining readers for well over six decades, leaving smiles on the faces of peeps of all generations. The comic series has stood the test of time, its ethos appropriate even in today’s twisted social and political climates.

In fact, today, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and of course Snoopy, appear in over 2,200 newspapers, in 75 countries, and 22 languages around the world, their faces having also been stamped on everything from coffee mugs to phone cases, school stationery to bed linen. Come to think of it, Peanuts has been visible in virtually every retail channel.

Now, designer Marc Jacobs – who has been a fan of the Peanuts comic strip ever since his babysitter gave him a stuffed Snoopy at age six – unveils his latest collection that is totally devoted to Charlie Brown and Co.

The Peanuts x Marc Jacobs collection features an array of sweaters in primary colours as well as t-shirts, dresses, flared jeans, and a host of accessories and jewellery.

The prices vary, from AUD$415 for a sweater, to the fab comic strip tote (above) and sandshoes (below) each retailing at AUD$545, to flared jeans at AUD$830.

Peanuts in name only, obviously, not peanuts in price.

Antonino Tati


To view the full Peanuts x Marc Jacobs range, visit www.marcjacobs.com.

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