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Supanova over for another year, but the memories of this one are sure to linger

The weather might have proven dreary over the weekend but it was a perfect storm of cosplay, comic culture and celebrity guests at Supanova, held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre last Saturday and Sunday.

It seems the caliber of celebs gets better by the year with the 2019 roll call having included Elijah Wood of Lord of the Rings fame, Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie, Stephen and Robbie Amell of the DC television universe and oh-so many more.

Being surrounded by so many ardent artists at this convention makes you feel very proud and celebrated to be a part of nerd culture.

Events ranged from anime screenings and cosplay workshops to celebrity Q&A panels, and photo/autograph signings. Not to mention the wrestling, gaming and endless shopping available, with stall after stall selling all manner of paraphernalia.

The highlight of Supanova, we’ve got to agree, is cosplay. Everywhere you turned, costume aficionados exhibited their love for a particular comic, gaming, TV or film character, dressing to the nines and looking 10 out of 10.

Cream correspondent Mango Adonis with a spot-on (and stripey!) Jack Skellington.

Due to the popularity of cosplay, organisers decided this year to host not one, but four cosplays competitions. The first was presented on Saturday as a performance-based event where individuals delivered skits based on their characters. There was also a kids’ costume parade where the young ‘uns got the opportunity to show off their costumes and win prizes, hosted by the wonderful and effervescent Magnus Danger Magnus.

The craftmanship and attention to detail were breathtaking and impressive, especially considering most of it came from makers outside of the official fashion and costuming industries.

Lastly, Supanova’s own nationwide competition called Cosplay Odyssey. Cosplay Odyssey is a contest that focused on the craftmanship skills of each entrant into making their looks. Each city would be represented by a cosplayer to compete for a prize to go to Atlanta to attend Dragon Con this year. With Cosplay Odyssey, they run a complementary competition for beginners called Cosplay Dash, which is held in the same panel. Cosplay Odyssey had several entrants ranging from Optimus Prime to Octavia from The 100 to a plethora of princesses from Disney and beyond. The craftmanship and attention to detail were breathtaking and impressive, especially considering most of it came from makers outside of the official fashion and costuming industries.

Hanging out with Lego Rey.

Though the convention is enormous, it’s never without its troublesome issues. You can get easily lost in crowds while the foot traffic is very heavy; often overwhelming. What might be a good idea is for punters to divide their time over the Saturday and the Sunday, taking decent rest in between.

That said, you can certainly count on me being here next year!

Mango Adonis


Photography (inserts, story) by Mango Adonis

Gallery photography (below) by Antonino Tati



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